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Multilayers filter for heating plants
Multilayers filters for heating plants
Multilayers filter for heating plants
Multilayers filter for heating plants
Multilayers filter for heating plants



The filter is used to remove the impurities present in the recirculation water of domestic and condominium systems

The filter can be also used to add chemical products to the recirculating water to protect the plant


The filter is made with a series of layers of sand with variable granulometry. The heating system water is deflected through the filter in a calibrated percentage (usually around 10% of the total flow). In this way the layers of sand retain the impurities and progressively eliminate the impurities present. The filter has an integrated hydraulic system which allows the water to flow in the opposite direction compared to the operation way. Thus, with short-term washings, it is possible to clean the filtering layers in a to restore filtering efficiency to the masses of sand which tend to become progressively clogged with use.


Extremely sturdy structure made entirely of metal

Internal part with raw finish metal, external part painted with polyester powders

Integrated external hydraulic group to activate the cleaning phase of the filtering masses with backwashing

Top valve of 1 inch for introduction of protective chemicals

Vent valve of 1/4" to eliminate any air buildup

Bottom drain for emptying the filter

Upper manhole for easy loading of the filter media (not included)

Available in manual or automatic version

Automatic version made with 1" hydropneumatic valves that can be activated with an electromechanical system

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