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Cartdriges Industrial Filter for water
Cartdriges industrial filter for water
Cartdriges industrial filter for water
Cartdriges industrial filter for water
Cartdriges industrial filter for water



The industrial Multifilter is used in plant systems for the removal of 90 micron suspended solids

Equipped with external insulating protection, the filter is also used in hot water systems with temperature up to 80°C


The filter is provided with a series of metal mesh filter cartridges ofstainless steel, proportionally to the filter flow rate. The filter cartridges are crossed by the fluid that flows inside the filter removing the existing impurities. By equipping the filter with a suitable supplementary external hydraulic group, it is possible to make the fluid pass through the filter in the opposite direction respect to the filtering direction. This allows  to wash the cartdrige, freeing them from the impurities that have been previously deposited on the surface. The filter is already equipped with an hydraulic connection to discharge the fluid used during the backwash.


Build extremely resistant, entirely made of metal

Internal part with natural metal surface, external part painted with aluminum-based paints

Filters cartdrige made of stainless steel, reinforced with a metal structure, fixed on the inner metal bottom disk

Cartridges available with magnetic ring to hold the metal parts in suspension

Top manhole easy to open for inspection and cleaning

Available in a wide range of fittings from 1.1/2" to DN 200

Operating flow rates from 12 to 145 m3/h, based on the models

Hydraulic resistance up to 6 bar

Available with external layer made of 9 mm insulated panels for applications with hot water

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