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3 Ways Hydropneumatic Valve
3 Ways Hydropneumatic Valve
Valvola Idropneumatica a 3 Vie
3 Ways Hydropneumatic Valve
3 Ways Hydropneumatic Valve



The valve allows to intercept and divert a fluid by pressure piloting. The 3 Way Valve can be positioned so that the fluid entering from the inlet crossing the valve horizontally and gets out to the opposite side, rather than diverting the fluid by 90°,  sends it it to exit from the outlet located at the bottom. The 3 Way valve is used to realize hydraulic units for industrial filters, loaded with different media and in particular to realize metal filters with sand masses and activated carbon.


The valve works by hydropneumatic actuation. In the upper part there is a chamber divided by an internal membrane. It is possible to pressurize one of the two parts of the chamber. Depending on the pressurized part, the valve is crossed by the fluid in a straight manner (Straight position) rather than the fluid being deflected 90° towards the downward outlet (Elbow position). The valve can be operated with both water and air. Thanks to the "hydraulic press" system, the valve can also be operated with the fluid treated by the system, at the same pressure, without the need to use a pressurization compressor.


Body entirely made of cast brass

NBR actuation membrane reinforced with polyester fabric

Sealing plate made of NBR overmolded on a brass core

Internal hardware in AISI 316 steel

Actuation chambers with 1/4" connections

Convenient disassembly of the plate for an easy cleaning and maintenance

Available in Normally Open (Straight) or Normally Close (Elbow) version

Available in 1" model (1.1/4" fittings) or 1.1/2" model (2" fittings)

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