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2 Ways Hydropneumatic Valve
2 Ways Hydropneumatic Valve
Kawe Valvola Due Regolabile
2 Ways Hydropneumatic Valve
2 Ways Hysropneumatic Valve



The 2 Ways allows the passage of a fluid to be blocked by means of pressure piloting.

The 2 Way valve is used to realize hydraulic units for industrial filter using sand layer or activated carbon masses.

In the version with Linatex plate the valve is used to equip sandblasting machines


The valve works by hydropneumatic actuation. In the upper part there is a double chamber with an internal membrane which can be pressurized in both sides. Depending on the pressurized part, the valve allows to intercept the fluid and block it (Closed position) or let the fluid pass (Open position). The valve can be operated with both fluid and air. Thanks to the "hydraulic press system" the valve can also works with the fluid to be treated in the plant, using the same pressure, without needing a pressurized compressor


Body made in lamellar cast iron

Components in stainless steel or brass

NBR actuation membrane reinforced with polyester fabric

Sealing plate made of NBR positioned with metal parts

Available in the version for sandblasting machine with Linatex plate or conical PU plate

Actuation chambers with 1/4" or 1/8" connections

Available in normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) version

Available in a wide range of fittings from 1/2" to DN 100

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